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Current Adders
(more profiles coming soon...)

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Green 1: Tiny Taylor

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Green 2: Sarah Dalrymple

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Green 3: Sallerina Atkinson (dancer and Mum of Green 3.5)

Clogger and rapperer since the year dot. Now passing it onto the next generation too. Dancer, festival organiser, teacher, cameralady, artist, can play some instruments and juggle a bit. Jack of all trades. Yorkshire born and bred.

Likes: laughing, Folk, 80s, the colour green, cheese, Whitby fish & chips
Dislikes: beetroot, unfunny people that try to be funny, getting up early, litter

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Green 4: Fiona Taylor

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Green 5: Fluff (clogs)

Event health and safety manager by trade, but would much rather be flitting about in a tutu.

Likes: sleeping and roller skating
Hates: people
Known for: being grumpy

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Green 6: Synchro Leader Amy O'Brien (dancer)

Big sister to Green 12.
Dancing career began at six months in a baby bouncer, clogs on and bread board underfoot.

Likes: Michael Fassbender, gin, white fairy lights, camping, profession-based dramas, the space invader artwork in the living room
Dislikes: pollen, clowns, people dancing out of time, meat

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Green 7: Becky Graham (musician and closet dancer)

Fiddler, Melodyboxist and Singer. Enjoys playing for dancing more than is reasonably sane. An exile from Kent, been trying to find it for years but a sense of direction is sadly lacking so Newcastle has become home. Been known to actually like dancing Rapper and Appalachian (but we don't talk about that).

Likes: Neighbours, Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Doctors, Holby City and Eastenders
Hates: Hollyoaks, Home and Away, The Archers, Loose Women and The One Show

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Green 8: Emma Hardy

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Green 9: Kate Jensen (musician and mum to Green 9.5)

Plays violin and sings, teacher, photographer, Mac convert and occasional video editor. Essex girl, but no spray tan or false bits. In my spare time I turn my hand to website and graphic design and designing book covers for Trifolium Books UK.

Likes: glitter, squidgy things, IT, washi tape, acting and Doctor Who
Hates: mushrooms, thoughtlessness and accidentally standing on snails in a dark garden

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Green 10: Beth Hardy

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Green 11: Emma Rusby Holling (dancer)

Dancer for longer than I like to think about and I can play the fiddle a bit. I work for Pure Records, organise the odd festival, drink too much Yorkshire tea and don't get out half as much as I should.

Likes: running, cricket, family, maths, bracing walks, beach huts
Dislikes: tea in the wrong cup, skimmed milk, sand anywhere it shouldn't be

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Green 12: Meg O'Brien (dancer)

Sister of Green 6. Self-confessed lunatic and nomad. Happiest when lost in the wilds or frolickin' in a field with folkies.

Likes: the moon, shooglin', merrymakin'
Hates: pebbledash, misuse of the word 'ironic', bad manners

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Alex Aldridge